Cancellation policy

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation Policy is the electronic scheme mechanism provided on platform “Mithila Haat” in which an order placed by the user (customer) can be cancelled by the user or the seller or by Mithila Haat.

The user (customer) can cancel an order before it’s shipped. However, after dispatch customer may choose to reject at its doorstep or return to the seller as per Return Policy.

The user (customer), the seller or the platform “Mithila Haat” may cancel the order under following circumstances.

Cancellation by the User –

·         Testing an order.

·          Multiple orders have been placed for the same product.

·         Delivery date issue.

·         Changing of mind about placing the order.

·         For any other reason

Cancellation by the Seller –

·         Shipping address is not serviceable, either incomplete or incorrect.

Cancellation by the platformMithila Haat” –

·         If shipping address is not serviceable, either incomplete or incorrect shipping address.

·         If delivery has not been successful by shipping partner and product returned to seller.

·         If product has been lost during transit.

·         If Mithila Haat did not get the payment confirmation.

·         If Mithila Haat did not get confirmation during delivery.

Mithila Haat has the right to modify the cancellation policy whenever required.